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Take ownership of your life

A minor depression years ago, let me to view life in a whole new perspective.
I engaged on a lifelong journey.

The Three Principes (3P)

Read about 3P and learn how our mind, consciousness and thoughts are key to understanding how we interact with life. 

Michael A. Singer

Surrender to life

Michael A. Singer is the author of several books, e.g. about how raising our awareness can ease our way of life.


– speak with integrity, and say only what you really mean.

This is the first of Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills’ “Four Agreements” – if you live by these agreements, you will be able to attract the right energies in your life.

Your word is your power to create. The words you speak (and think) establishes who you are, and the way you interact with others. If you are not being honest, you risk judging yourself or others.

Begin with the way you see yourself. When you tell the true story about yourself, you are developing your inner self-esteem which is essential to draw on your full potential.


– listen with an open mind, and ask questions with curiousity.

The second of the four agreements teaches us how to avoid being a victim of other people’s issues.

What others say, is expressing what state they are in at this moment – and, it has NOTHING to do with you. When you take things personally, you leave your inner state to outer circumstances, of which you have no control.

Free yourself from the frustrations others express, and take ownership of your own life.


– ask others respectfully, before you make any interpretations.

We tend to be prejudiced and put labels on others. The third of the four agreements makes us aware that we are often being judgemental.

When we draw our own picture of others, it is often based on assumptions about their motives and intentions. We rarely ask them, if our assumptions are correct. When we pass our perception on to any third party, the picture tends to be far away from the original.

An old Native American proverb says to never judge someone until you have walked a mile in their moccasins.


– and speak from your inner self.

The fourth and last of the four agreements teaches us to act from our inner self. If we do that, we can eliminate feelings of guilt and beliefs that we haven’t done enough. We often feel, that we are not good enough. When acting from our inner self, it will ALWAYS be good enough.

Being conscious of acting from our inner self, is acting with integrity and authenticity. When we listen to our inner self, we always know what to do. Making a personal decision, will be obvious, but not necessarily simple.

“Just do your best, moment by moment by moment…….what else is there to do”