Everybody has the potential of creating a meaningful life!

Our Philosophy

We are all unique individuals who are closely connected. Everyone has a wealth of thoughts and a range of emotions that often control our energy and actions.

Our aim is, through coaching, workshops and training, to raise the awareness of our personal strengths and how to utilise that power to develop our natural leadership that can be applied in all acts of life, e.g. in the role of leader, parent, partner, colleague, friend etc.

The hope is that you will achieve a healthier life and a greater ease and energy to tackle any challenge you may face in life – big or small.

Read on to see what you will experience when you encounter Aarhus Coaching House.

Approach to Coaching og Training

Your inner core

To realise our potential and engage the power and personal strength we all possess, we must look at our personal core. It is from here that we find our ability to lead, act and achieve our goals.

We will help you getting in touch with your inner core, and become much clearer on your values, goals and dreams.

As humans, we are often limited by our thoughts and beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve. Performance is often determined by our level of self-confidence, which can be altered in a split second if challenged and put to the test by others. Our minds are programmed by what we have experienced through life. How well we have handled those experiences, will determine how well we will handle any challenge we are facing. But we have a far greater potential than we can imagine.

The aim is to gradually remove our dependency on how others rate our performance and instead grow on how we perceive ourselves. It frees the individual from the pursuit of recognition from the outside and creates openness and acceptance of yourself and others. This, in turn, will unleash your energy and drive.


When dealing with demanding or pressured situations, we can react with different types of response. If we do not get what we want, or something we did not want happens, we tend to be dissatisfied.

We will enable you to act on the basis of your inner core and take ownership of your reaction. Thus, you are no longer governed by fear or inner resistance, but by a more conscious mindset. You will become a warrior and not a victim in your own life.

This will give you the experience of flow and attract the people and energies that move you towards your goal. To really know ourselves, we must understand that nothing other people say or do to us is personal. Only then, we can exercise true leadership and work according to our goals and values.


Once we have assumed leadership of our personal lives, we can excel in our leadership for others. If you practice leadership from your core, you will be able to achieve the authentic leadership that moves others through motivation and inspiration.

Most of us have a fear of not performing at work. Hence, we tend to waste energy trying to cover our perceived shortcomings. Whether we are acting in the role of manager, employee, colleague, partner or family member, we are expected to act within a certain framework.

We will help you creating a playing field of your own. This requires risk-taking, adaptability and readiness for change. The reward being more energy, drive and a wealth of opportunities.


As a manager, your most important task is to optimise employee development, as it also creates the best results for the company. Trust in your employees is key to creating a framework for innovation and performance. Trust will also bring about unforeseen talents.

When giving feedback, always talk about how to utilise the qualities and talents of your employees – even when improvements are needed. This will optimise motivation, performance and results. To increase the development power of your organisation, use tools such as breaks to do personal things and time for reflection.

We will help you creating the framework to develop you as a leader in your own life, and as a leader for others.

Are you a company or a private individual?