Two-day Workshop: Create a strong Team

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At this workshop, we shift the focus from individual contribution to benefit for the team as a unit.

As a manager, one of your most important tasks is to facilitate employee development. Thereby, the company also achieves the best results. Trust is one of the key elements to creating the framework for innovation and high performance.

It is crucial to create cohesion in the team to establish a common goal and direction. The courage to trust and show flexibility brings individual talents into play. A strong team leadership can enable psychological safety, equality and well-being in the team. It is key to a healthy high performance and building a common ground for creating results together.


At the workshop, we work with how our personal leadership can release the full potential of a team through increased cohesion and by bringing all competencies into play.

The team will be able to deploy a more conscious mindset and take ownership of own actions and thus are not controlled by fear or inner resistance.

The aim of the two days is to strengthen the team and achieve a common direction and goal.

We will provide training in, e.g.,

  • personal awareness
  • tools for creating psychological safety, equality and well-being
  • transforming personal strengths into collective intelligence
  • respectful communication
  • Servant Leadership
  • silence as a tool for increased co-creation

We will address the difficult dialogues between team members, and you will become aware of how working with soft skills can significantly strengthen team unity.

We will make use of the beautiful nature around us, so bring clothes for the season.



Aarhus Coaching House has been established by Lars Haaber, with the aim of creating a trusting space where you can work safely with your challenges.

Lars specialises in the development of personal awareness and training in authentic leadership. His work is inspired by e.g. Buddhism, Native American traditions in North America and shamans in Peru.

Lars has more than 20 years of experience as a manager and consultant in the financial sector in Denmark and London. Throughout his career, he has worked as coach and mentor for professionals.

Lars is certified in transformation management (Stifinder) and as an NLP Coach.


Scenic surroundings in Eastern Jutland or Nortern Zealand.
We also arrange workshops in London

We still have a few open slots in the Spring of 2024

DKK 11,500 / GBP 1,350 ex. VAT per person – Max 12 participants

Price includes two full days of training with full board, and single room accommodation for one night.

Teams and Management Groups, who wish to strengthen personal leadership skills of a group or a team and create unity and a healthier high performance environment. You will also get new perspectives on leadership and its challenges.