Personal 1:1 Training

Strengthen your inner Mindset

No matter where we are in life, a whole range of opportunities are open to us.

Based on your current situation, we focus on your next steps.

We work to identify and develop your personal strengths and how they can be used most effectively on the way forward.

With a strong inner foundation, you can face life’s challenges with greater strength and ease.

Along the way, you will be given small homework assignments with follow-up, training in techniques, and at the end you will receive a summary that you can use to refresh important elements from the course.

The course consists of a total of 7 sessions.


More about the process

Your inner Strength

As humans, we are often limited by our thoughts and beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve. Throughout life, we are programmed via experiences that later come to form a mental framework and often also limit our growth. But we have a far greater potential than we can imagine.

We work to shift the focus from dependence on external circumstances, which are often beyond our control, to creating our own framework for growth. This frees up your energy and gives you greater power to act.

It takes some courage and training to become aware of inner limitations and strengths, but you will gain a much greater freedom and energy to tackle any challenge you may face in life – big or small.

Reaction or Response

When dealing with demanding or pressured situations, we can react with different types of response. If we do not get what we want, or something we did not want happens, we tend to be dissatisfied. It is our own ego that interferes.

The idea is to avoid being led by assumptions about yourself or others, or taking things personally. You will be able to act based on your inner strength and take ownership of your reaction. Thus, you are no longer governed by fear or inner resistance, but by a more conscious mindset.

It will give you a feeling of flow and freedom to work towards your goals and values.

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