Two-day Workshop: Strengthen your Natural Leadership


The natural leadership workshop is an invitation to practice taking leadership in your own life to be able to lead others. If you practice leadership from your core, you will be able to achieve the authentic leadership that moves others through motivation and inspiration.

We are often limited by our own beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of. We are dependent on others to tell us we are good enough. Our self-confidence is challenged when we do not perform as expected. Throughout our lives, we are “programmed” by every experience we have. How well we have handled those experiences, will determine how well we will handle any challenge we are facing. But we have a far greater potential than we can imagine.

By freeing ourselves from the pursuit of recognition from the outside, and instead focusing on openness and acceptance of ourselves and others, we can release energy and take action from our inner core.


The purpose of the worshop is to identify and develop our natural leadership skills. We do this e.g. by training to take ownership of the mechanisms that control many of our reactions and actions. It will become much clearer what your strengths are and how to apply those to your leadership. The aim is for you to feel a much greater sense of peronal freedom, self-awareness and expand your playing field.

The training you receive will enable you to,

  • change old habits
  • regain your balance when challenged
  • turn resistance into accept
  • practice mindfulness and meditation to raise your awareness
  • understand how reward and consequence control our willpower
  • handle any challenge you face
  • understand your spiritual side

We alternate between class room teaching, individual training and working in small groups. We will also be spending some time outside in the beautiful setting, so bring clothes for the season.



Aarhus Coaching House has been established by Lars Haaber, with the aim of creating a trusting space where you can work safely with your challenges.

Lars specialises in the development of personal awareness and training in authentic leadership. His work is inspired by e.g. Buddhism, Native American traditions in North America and shamans in Peru.

Lars has more than 20 years of experience as a manager and consultant in the financial sector in Denmark and London. Throughout his career, he has worked as coach and mentor for professionals.

Lars is certified in transformation management (Stifinder) and as an NLP Coach.


Scenic surroundings in Eastern Jutland or Northern Zealand.
We also arrange workshops in London

Next open workshops will be in the Spring of 2024 – Held in Danish
Eastern Jutland – 5-6 March (FULLY BOOKED) and 3-4 June (FULLY BOOKED)
Northern Zealand – 18-19 April

For workshop taught in English, or if you are a group that desire a private workshop, please contact us by clicking the button below

We will start 8:30am on day 1 and finish around 3:30pm on day 2.

DKK 9,500 / GBP 1,125 ex. VAT per person – Max 16 participants
Price includes single room accommodation for 1 night and full board both days.

Everyone who is interested in developing natural leadership skills and wishes to take the next step in personal development, or if you would like new perspectives on leadership and management challenges.